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Saved by the Max

Saved by the Max


“I’m so excitteddddd…i’m so exciteddd!” to recap the Saved By the Max pop-up in West Hollywood in Los Angeles!

As HUGE SBTB fans, Errol and I had to make a stop at the cafe which is styled just like “The Max” the ultimate Bayside teen hangout from the TV series!

It was an awesome experience.

Check out my personal tips for visiting as well as outfit ideas for you below!

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  1. Make a Reservation (Even for Belding’s Office)

    Make a reservation ahead of time at their website (see link above). Brunch times tend to be easier to get, and you get more flexibility with your meal. Even if the only reservations are for “Belding’s Office” TAKE IT. You will have access to all areas of The Max either way!


2. Come Hungry - Your tickets include an entree and an appetizer (which can be swapped with a cocktail during brunch!) so take this into account! We ordered the “Tori’s Fried Chicken” which was a korean fried chicken, and “The Kapowski” which was a prosciutto melt.


3. Make Use of Your Time During the Wait - while waiting for your food, feel free to walk around, explore and take pictures. This way you can maximize your time there!


4. Use all the props - all the props and cut outs are there for you to use and take photos with be sure to check them out!


5. Dress on Theme - Have fun with your look. Saved by the Bell was EARLY 90s California: think bright colors, windbreakers, chunky sneakers, aerobics gear, funky geo print, denim jackets, florals, neon, and scrunchies. (Avoid late 90s - chokers, grunge, plaid, NO clueless/spice girls-esque looks etc.)


6. Notice the details - Everything from the posters and graffiti have to do with the show! Be sure to take notice!


Desert Vibes

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