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Faves: Top 7 Best Eczema Moisturizers

Faves: Top 7 Best Eczema Moisturizers

If you know me personally you are aware that eczema is something I’ve struggled with since I was a teen. Unfortunately I get it most on my face and neck (where it’s the worst 😭)  After seeing countless dermatologists and doctors my senior year of HS and taking oral medications, cortisone shots, steroid creams, stress management, home care, and alternative light therapy, I was able to find a method for me that works. In college and during my early 20s I was able to get it under control by getting on a skin routine to prevent flare ups. 


Now-a-days all I do is use a good emollient which is the secret to managing eczema. It's to the point where rarely during a flare up I’ll have to use steroid ointments. In general I’m able to maintain my skin with regular care. Not every emollient works for everyone so it’s def trial and error. After testing countless products over the past 12 years i’ve gathered up the best moisturizers that work. Here are my top 7 recommendations!


1. California Baby - Calendula Cream

By far the best most effective product all around. The price point is reasonable and won't break the bank. It's soy, nut, and gluten free (two of those I'm allergic to, so that's a relief) and although it's a cream, it does not dry you out and is thick enough to last all day without reapplying. Best of all it's non-greasy so perfect for the face. Also comes in a non-scented eczema cream! 


2. Virgin Coconut Oil

I use virgin coconut oil year round as it penetrates the skin and has amazing health benefits. It's great after showers, and use it all over my body - including my scalp where dermatitis can be an issue. I usually get a ton of organic cold pressed virgin oil from my mom in the Philippines but you can get a jar about any health food store. While it can be greasy for the face, it penetrates the skin well and once absorbed I layer on a good moisturizer on top of it. 


 3. Baby Bum - Coconut Balm

I just discovered this line at Target. I was expecting this to definitely be more balm-like but it's ultimately a coconut oil blend. The smell and texture make it easy to handle so I ultimately use it as a layering oil before my moisturizer. A good alternative to virgin coconut oil as it's easier to apply. 


4. Eczema Honey Co. - Eczema Honey

Love the thick consistency of this product so you rarely have to reapply. It is definitely a honey so it does dry sticky. Love the velvety easy-to-apply gel feel but the stickyness can be a problem on the face until it absorbs. I ultimately use it to layer, and seal it with a good moisturizer. Despite this, it's still a great product as I love the smell and coverage - plus it's all natural, 100% organic, and feels amazing when applying it after storing in the fridge.  


5. NARS SKIN - luminous moisture cream

This was a gift from one of my best friends, and once I tried it I was hooked. Definitely more of a luxury splurge for a moisturizer. Price point is high but the texture of the cream is thick, applies with ease, and smells amazing. This moisturizer keeps all day, without me having to layer anything with it (coconut oil, etc.) . I use this on nights I do a full face of makeup and need a simple moisturizer that can hold it's own. 


6. CeraVe - Moisturizing Cream

A great cost effective cream that's fragrance free and formulated for sensitive skin. Definitely protects your skin and is great used all over. This will not dry you out but because it's a cream you'd likely have to reapply sometime during the day, so I usually use it as a final layer to seal up other moisturizers or oils.  


 7. Neutrogena - hydro boost gel

Super cooling and light gel. Fragrance free which is great but: *please note this product is is not all- natural or specifically formulated for sensitive skin. So if you have broken skin openings or major sensitivies I would avoid it.* Has a natural non-greasy moisturized feel and hyaluronic acid which helps your skin retain moisture. Love the consistency and how it feels but does not last very long and needs to be reapplied. I use this as a final moisture layer, or alone on days I can go lighter when my eczema isn't severe. 

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