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Coachella Checklist: must-pack items

Coachella Checklist: must-pack items

Ready for Coachella? After hours online snagging your ticket,  and months of figuring out what to wear -  it's finally time to pack! Here are a few of my personal festival must-haves.

Festival Essentials:

  • wristbands - pretty self-explanatory. (don't forget to activate them!)
  • camera - to capture all the dope artists you're going to see.
  • sunglasses - to block out blinding rays. (Or to hide behind when you're hungover...)
  • hat - when you're out in areas with little to no shade. 
  • portable charger - So you can use your mobile device anytime, all day. 
  • flash tats - let's face it. everybody and their mamas are going to have these on. But no fuss jewelry in a metallic finish are too hard to resist. 
  • comfy shoes - pick a comfy pair (beater ones) you won't care too much about. I've brought Toms in the past, and plan on bringing flat comfy booties along with these strappy sandals. 

Beauty & Wellness Essentials:

Bag - whether you opt for a hands-free fanny or crossbody, or you're prepared with a backpack - some type of bag is always good to have! 

Water Bottle - Unfortunately I can't bring my gold-colored metal one since they only allow plastic bottles. This Contigo bottle is the perfect size and has a fun flip out rubber spout! Great for all the refill stations! (I plan on bringing along limes and cucumber slices to infuse as the water isn't always cold and refreshing. haha)

Scarf - a long wrap scarf is perfect for chilly or windy nights. 

Face Mask - For dusty desert days. I didn't believe people when they mentioned all the sand (and thought a bandana just didn't go with my "look" haha) I've learned since then, and opted for a face mask with secure ties. 

Tazo Tea - For days you may feel under the weather (for whatever reason!) I also pack emergen-C to bolster up my immunity. 

Nasal Spray - Or any other allergy remedies if you get itchy and uncomfortable. 

Facial Cleanser - my usual Kiehls, for the times i need to feel refreshed. 

Tinted Moisturizer - Because a ton of makeup never feels great in the heat. Keep it light and natural with SPF tinted moisturizer. This specific one is Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue in Ginger

Sun Block - So you don't get burnt while you're getting turnt. I was stupid enough to get this Banana Boat brand one just because I liked the Green Tea smell. (yum!) Didn't realize it was only SPF 8. I recommend getting a more effective grade (try not to get distracted by the delicious scents).  

Fashion Tape - Because the heat means little clothing, and you don't want to have a nip slip while you're rocking out with that bandeau on. The one pictured is Hollywood brand.  

Dry Shampoo - For the days you a mess, but you don't want to look like one. And you don't have to with Not Your Mother's: Clean Freak shampoo. Just spray and you're ready to go! ooooo la la!  

Hair Serum - to avoid dry hair and frizz in the heat. Garnier Fructis: Sleek & Shine 

Nude Makeup Palette - this Naked Basics mini palette is the perfect size to pack.

Towelette Wipes/Hand Sanitizer - (not shown) for the uh...unfortunate porter-potty set up.  I just don't trust them. 

Dark Desert Goddess

Dark Desert Goddess

Blush & Pastels

Blush & Pastels