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Triangl Swimwear | Oahu, HI

Triangl Swimwear | Oahu, HI

Gearing up for a Spring Break getaway? With the warm weather creeping up on us the search for the ideal swimsuit begins. This particular style is "The Milly" in Santa Rosa Splash,  a fabulous vivid turquoise.  This year the "wet suit" look and other neoprene suits are cropping up all over retail stores. But do these suits live up to the hype?

Last year I did a shoot in Honolulu, Hawaii and did a review. 

Lualhati, LJ. 2015. 

We shot at the historic, Royal Hawaiian "Pink Hotel". The gorgeous color, and glamorous architecture was the ideal place to shoot! It was giving me old classic "Malibu Barbie"  vibes (or rather...Hawaiian Barbie)

Here are some specs to help you decide whether or not this suit is right for you:

  1. Fit & Form - This suit fits like a neoprene dream. It keeps everything tucked, tight, and secure. While the skin tight fabric may expose particular areas some are not comfortable with, for the most part it hugs all the right areas around the hips and rear. The suit also offers full coverage on top, providing ample support (without giving you bulky clunky armor looking boobs).  

2. Function & Comfort - While the thought of skin tight neoprene might make you run for the hills, I actually found the suit quite comfortable. I was able to run, jump, swim sit and chill with ease! While the suit is form fitting,  I could still breathe in the amazing ocean air! ahhhh! 

3. Quality & Structure - The neoprene is thick and sturdy but also delicate so handle with care. This a serious bikini with some SERIOUS LOOK. It is so fiercely legit, I make sure to follow the care instructions as specified on the item (hand wash, air dry, etc) especially after exposing it to salt water. I also wouldn't fold it and crease it much. A little high maintenance so it's not exactly a throw and go suit. But because the item holds true to form and keeps its structure on the body, it is definitely worth it. 

4. Style & Overall Aesthetic - Kind of a bond girl-esque vintage vibe with modern flair. Old influences yet still forward. This swimsuit definitely aligns with my personal style. The contrast with the black makes this classic bold and current. I paired it with some angled noir cat eye sunglasses, and studded black jelly sandals for some edge.

The suit pairs great with metallic accents. I specifically chose gold nails and flash tats in geometric shapes to keep with the suit's modern design. 

Overall, the Milly is a great swimsuit, and has become one of my summer wardrobe staples over the past year. Awesome for spring break, summer events, and stands up to travel adventures. An all around great purchase. I love this particular suit so much, I'm thinking of buying the same pair in Indiana Ice (their super fancy name for white).  What's your favorite suit this season? Which swimwear styles are you sporting on Spring Break? Let me know! 


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