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Soft Lilac Sunday - in film

Soft Lilac Sunday - in film

Arboretum | Davis, CA 

Sunday “Fun”day adventures! LJ and I took a mini day trip to our old alma mater. Haven’t been back to visit UC Davis for about a year or so. In between working our 9 to 5, fam & friends…it’s been hard to find a free day to just explore!   

I always find the quiet little paths and areas around campus peaceful and relaxing! So it’s always great visiting. ( We were also craving Davis Sushi Buffet; which was definitely worth the trip!)

It was also a great opportunity for LJ to use his film camera. (see his post “throwback” here)  This specific shoot was shot entirely in film with his 80s vintage Nikon FG. (One of his many great thrift store finds!) We were very pleased with the results! Soft, scenic, almost a movie-like vibe.

The film really captured the outfit and day wonderfully! Whimsical, fun, and romantic. Exactly the feel I was going for, and what I wanted to express in the look!

This dress was another great thrift find at 31Rax ( I know! enough already..!) I was lucky enough to spot some great pieces! i was drawn to the soft lilac color and vintage lace trim! comfortable, flowy, and feminine! It also has a fun baby doll length!

The dress has lots of movement! Very light and whimsical!  

The accessories were key to this look. Too many vintage accessories would be too literal, and the wrong ones…could make the dress look older….even dowdy. I was very selective and wanted to style it with merely a vintage influence. I decided to choose jewelry that was more current.

  • multiple rings
  • bangles
  • fun shapes
  • metallics (in this case gold with rhinestones) 

These are all elements I kept in mind to keep it in the now! To keep with the whimsy and femme twist: i chose novel shapes and pieces like bows and flowers! Topped it off with my oversized tortoise cat-eyes - a MUST!

Be mindful about accessories…but don’t forget to have fun with em! That’s what they’re for ;) 

Lualhati, LJ. 2013.   Pearl bow earrings and hair pinned back. Simple, light & easy! 

We had a great time venturing out on our day off! Hope this inspires your own outfits..and your adventures too!  

above all else: Class, First.



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