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Posh”mod” - Poshmark: Posh Party SF coverage

Posh”mod” - Poshmark: Posh Party SF coverage

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to a Poshmark  ”Posh Party” in San Francisco! Poshmark is a fabulous app where you can easily sell/buy fashionable items from other fashionista’s closets!

(if you haven’t already downloaded the app click here ) 

I knew right away that I wanted an outfit that was fun, easy, and forward that expressed my personal style! I decided to opt for a fun mini shift dress that I thrifted at 31rax in SF a while back during their $25 dollar - grab bag sale! if you haven’t already checked this place out I suggest you do! great finds! 

I think the dress is originally from the late 70s/early 80s…(shoulder pads were a dead give away!)  but I styled it with a fun 1960s mod spin because I was inspired by the geometric color-block and fun pockets! So inspired…I had to showcase it in a modern swingin’ shoot a la’ Marc J 

The dress was originally 2 sizes too large, but I was able to get it altered on vacation in the Philippines at a low cost! (wish I had a before picture!)  I had it tailored at the shoulder, and taken in on either side. Shoulder pads were removed - which I would’ve loved to keep! but with my frame…it drowned me out a bit.

Don’t disregard great thrift finds due to size! If it looks promising…find a local affordable seamstress and figure out how to "make it work" with the right tweaks! 


To further the “Mod” inspired look I tried to make it more forward with:

  • My favorite black tribal-style accent necklace.
  • Round lennon-style shades,
  • My special everyday Kate Spade square shaped bag…w/ bow accent. 
  • rose-gold MK watch - a bright metallic to offset all the solid color block

When styling a vintage piece, I always try to accessorize with more modern complimentary pieces…to avoid having it look like a costume. Make it your own! In this case…I chose accessories that were geometric and distinct in shape (triangular necklace/square bag/round glasses) to compliment a mod look without being too literal. 


details of the dress! Chose a bright patent shoe in red to keep it modern and fun!

The strappy patent definitely gave the fit a current vibe. (FYI - These are my prized Jimmy Choo for H&M heels that I hustled and fought my way in line for =) )

Off to the Posh Party ! 

Photo by  Poshmark

Photo by Poshmark

Some of the amazing “Poshers”. The ladies of Poshmark! Very interesting hearing all about what they do for the users and the app! 

Photobooth time! 

My love Mary! follow her on the app! 

having fun! enjoying the city view from the Clift Hotel. 

really connected with the amazing Dev! We had so much in common! from our bright colorful ensembles down to our Kate purses! click to check out her blog! Photo Cred: Jia of Catwalk Chic 

The Posh Party was a great way to meet others who share an interest in fashion! It’s always great meeting individuals who share the same passion! It was wonderful meeting other users, and a good way to support each other as well as the local fashion community!! Looking forward to the next event! 

For more coverage check out:

The Cat’s Meow - a fabulous Vlog ! with a special video shout out to Class-First!

Racked SF - Event Recap 

Hope you enjoy this feature! 

above all else: Class,First.

- Elaine de Lara

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