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mini feature: Shopping. “More Fun in the Philippines”

mini feature: Shopping. “More Fun in the Philippines”

One of the many “More fun in the Philippines” advertisements. Part of the country’s marketing campaign to promote tourism. This one is my favorite!

Just a mini post about the best “back room” shopping spots during my trip, and the extremely unique retail industry in the Philippines.

  My aunt works in merchandising and was able to take us to a bazaar with her industry pass. A fair with several vendors selling local products as well as ”export overruns,” which are excess items during the manufacturing process.   

Found a vendor that sold export overruns for Zara. Because many brands like forever21, Zara, H&M manufacture overseas at a low cost…I was able to find a vendor that sold some of their excess pieces. The conversion is about $9.00 USD per top (pricier than other stalls, but still a discount since the tops would be about $17.99 in the U.S.) Cheaper pieces since they don’t have a garment tag or a brand name label sewn on.

rummaging for intereresting pieces at each stall!

This specific vendor manufactures ready-to-wear pieces inspired by those off the 2013 Runway. (Just without the luxury labels.) Pretty fun!  

This specific vendor was selling “Tory Burch” haha. The knock-off industry is huge overseas because manufacturing is inexpensive, easy, and common.

My family and I also went to Liliw, Laguna. My boyfriend’s family is from this small town, so it was great to visit!  Liliw is best known for their thriving shoe industry, and is one of the shoe capitals of the country.    

EXCITEMENT! An entire street of shoe vendors with walls of shoes!

Several of these sellers create these shoes behind the store, and make them at a small scale by hand. As it is a local industry, many Pilipino brands have their shoes manufactured by these artisans and merely stitch a label on the shoe, and sell them at retail stores. It was fun to visit liliw and support locals.     

overwhelmed. Stressed because I already bought 9 pairs (at 4.00-6.00 a pair.) and I didn’t want to buy things I didn’t need! haha

Shoe madness! in fact, i found that the quality of most shoes were great. They had a textured rubber sole, and an insole. (In the United States…a shoe mass produced from China bought at forever21 at $9.99 wouldn’t have the same design details.) I was very pleased!

“Let’s go to the MALL!” I felt like Robin Sparkles on HIMYM! a total mall rat the entire trip! This specific one was in Rockwell. Malls serve as community centers in the Philippines, complete with everything from basketball courts to a church! People spend full days there to avoid the heat!

This isn’t the line for an Iphone! It’s actually the line for Sunday Mass! Definitely needed Jesus after all that shopping… =( haha

Adam Levine for BENCH/ - a local Philippine brand with several celebrity endorsements. In the past they’ve teamed up with Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas, Lucy Hale, and Liam Hemsworth. Love the brand!

Jessica Sanchez doing big things! Bench Spring 2013 ads.  

mini OOTD for my mall adventure:

The weather was really warm so I wanted to be comfortable. woven ankle sandles, neon tank to go with the tropical weather and spring/summer vibe!

Printed shorts from my closet! loved the loose/flowy material. almost gives an illusion of a skirt. made sure to tuck my top in and belt it, for a neater look. best part are the pockets!

added my favorite necklace to dress it up! the right statement necklace can do wonders to a basic shorts/tank outfit.

wore the cross body i bought a the bazaar. loved the camel color of the bag, and the fun buckles. Bought it because i loved the mini boxed messenger shape. $15.00 USD after conversion. was a great steal!

Shopping definitely is More Fun in the Philippines. Hope you enjoyed this mini feature! Until next time!

and remember….

above all else: Class, First.

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