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culture & fashion feature: In Crochet at Garden Cafe

culture & fashion feature: In Crochet at Garden Cafe

A few months ago I did a mini photoshoot at the beautiful Patis Tito Garden Cafe in the Philippines. This specific restaurant features art, fashion, food, and historical pieces unique to the country’s culture.

Patis Tito is a small family owned business. Formerly a personal home converted into a restaurant. Definitely has an intimate homey vibe…where you can explore the garden area, eat, and admire trinkets and works of art. 

I especially loved the details and the architecture of the building. The cutouts and patterns throughout the home reminded me of lace! very inspiring! 

Coincidentally, my outfit matched the style of the location. Chose to be comfortable while vacationing: laid back, easy, comfortable, but still wanted to be fashionable.

Decided on a white strapless summer dress, with braid and wooden bead details. Also features a cutout reminiscent of the building. Also threw on a crocheted sweater with a dolman sleeve. Super comfy and almost cape-like. I especially love the “V” details on the back…giving it a more forward look. 

To finish the outfit off I chose flip flops with bead details, a tan cross body bag, and a messy braid! 

threw on some fun old bracelets! i chose ones with texture: a beaded bracelet with a woven technique that I received as a souvenir, and a fun colored braided bracelet with a shell…that I got at the Whole Earth Festival in college. Also made sure I had my mosquito repellant Koala patch! haha 

Went exploring and saw beautiful large paintings featuring Pilipina traditional dresses! These particular ones are Spanish influenced…with the large “maria clara” sleeves on the left, and the shawl cover up on the right. These gowns were probably made of “piña” a fabric made of pineapple fibers. This particular textile is specific to the Philippines. The floral details on the dress…are likely to be embroidered. 

Also found dolls featuring traditional spanish influenced gowns of pina fabric. Love the fun floral accents and colors! The proportions were large, and grand! reminds me of a Pilipina “Scarlett O’ Hara” ! 

Exploring the beautiful garden! lush flowers and brightly colored birds! inspiring! 

Great pieces around the restaurant from the owner’s personal collection. Great oversized pieces that reflect the relationship between people and the land. I was told the bottom right portraits are of the owners. The man in the painting wears a traditional”barong”. Woman on the left wears mixed patterns and colors which I noticed is common in Pilipino dress. Fun and unique! 

more trinkets! what looks like a warrior and father/son farmers on a carabao.

The tables were decorated with fun colored textiles with mixed patterns, colors, and textures! A very local and homey touch! loved it against the wood! rustic feel! 

  Probably one of the best meals I had! Mango fish, calamari, coconut rice, cheesey lumpia, “calamansi” citrus egg and cheese fern veggies, fried banana turon with coco jam and ice cream! I was told this style of food is more Spanish influenced than others. Probably my favorite restaurant during the trip! 

Definitely fun exploring and getting a feel of the culture. from the fashion right down to the food! Hope you enjoy this feature! 

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