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Crisp Whites.

Crisp Whites.

I wanted my first post to be something clean, simple, and most of all wearable.

I’ve paired 2 essential basics:

  • black denim skinnys 
  • sharp, crisp white collared shirt.

These 2 items alone are affordable, versatile enough for your everyday, and create the perfect canvas for accessories. 

Pumps for a P.O.C. (Pop of Color) - definitely gives the fit a nice boost!

The suede texture also gives the look more dimension. I chose blue because it was bright enough to make a statement - and acceptable enough for everyday: work, drinks, etc. 

(I found these shoes at a small boutique in Las Vegas in 2011. Pretty inexpensive!)

To give the outfit a little more oomph, I made sure to play with proportions. I not only chose skinnys…but high-waisted ones! To give it a more exaggerated, and daring look. 

I also made sure to tuck the shirt in and roll up the sleeves to give it a more tailored, fitted feel. 

Now for the baubles! a closer look at the jewelry: 

  • Jimmy Choo for H&M necklace (2009) 
  • Michael Kors - watch in rose gold (2010) 

I chose a large statement necklace with a tarnished metal finish to give it some glamour and edge. paired it with a rose gold watch. i LOVE LOVE LOVE to mix my metals. gives things a different look! Don’t be afraid to mix your metallics! Too much uniformity can look boring! change it up!

My favorite piece is the black metallic purse. a vintage piece (circa early 80s) from my mother! the tarnished chain is fun! and sometimes I’ll wear it as a clutch. The entire look is clean, streamlined, and affordable.

None of the items are new! just reinvented from the old closet. so no need to break the bank! 

Classic and versatile enough for a fashionishta to wear everyday,on the go! from coffee to cocktails ;) 

Hope this inspires you to create your own! 

and remember…Above all else: class, first.

Fair Isle.

Fair Isle.