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Aqua Seas.

Aqua Seas.

While vacationing, it’s important for me to be comfortable as well as fashionable.

This specific piece is as special as the location. I bought this dress thrifting at the amazing 31Rax in San Francisco. One of my several great finds during their $25.00 Grab bag sales! I gravitated towards its beautiful turquoise shade and silk-like texture. I knew it would be perfect for my beach getaway.

The cut and details were extremely unique. the neckline had an interesting scalloped-V shape. The white floral embroidery creates a beautiful contrast…and also gives it an ethnic look that I adore.

When thrifting, the fit isn’t always on point… so it’s important to improvise! Don’t overlook something based on size alone because sometimes with a little creativity… it works!

There wasn’t a size for this dress…and in fact it’s about 2 sizes too large. However the oversized look was fine since it’s a kaftan. I just made sure to roll up the sleeves (like always… my favorite trick!)

The larger fit just added a more authentic feel to the laid-back beach vibe.

My favorite part about this kaftan are the slits on either side. They’re fairly high, (so I made sure to wear comfy black activewear shorts underneath!) slightlyrisque but still tasteful. Slits are always tricky. (too many, or too high can get very 90s evening wear..haha!) But on this piece they were weather appropriate: free-feeling and comfy !

paired with some comfy woven-style ankle sandals…and you’re ready for  a day of lounging in the sand!

I chose to style this look with two options:

      1. messy braid. (laid-back, cool)

This look is styled with a modern-Retro vibe when accessorized with round lennon-inspired sunglasses.

Atlernative Style Option:

2. hair pulled back with twist accents (not seen.  refer to picture below.) sophisticated, simple, & classic.

With this second style option I wanted to emphasize the color. Wanted to compliment it with silver hoops for more glamour! 

Whatever look you decide on vacation try to keep it fun, fashionable,  andcomfortable! This outfit is the perfect blend of all 3 elements.

Hope this inspires your vacation-wear!

and remember….

above all else: Class, First.

mini feature: Shopping. “More Fun in the Philippines”

mini feature: Shopping. “More Fun in the Philippines”

Fair Isle.

Fair Isle.