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Let's Get Away! -  8 Must-Pack Travel Essentials

Let's Get Away! - 8 Must-Pack Travel Essentials

Heading on one last adventure before the cool weather starts?

I travel several times a year, and hate leaving home feeling incomplete. I live for amenities! (I would die for Tom's apartment in Parks & Rec. ) 

Without my usual comforts, the struggle can get real. I wish i was joking. No matter where you are headed, these 8 items are a must-pack! Here are a few personal recommendations and essentials I take along with me: 

1. A legit Notebook - Always have a physical notebook on hand to jot down inspiring ideas and creative breakthroughs. Personal projects never cease, even on vacation! 

2. Tangle Teezer - Because you can't go out looking like a hot tangled mess! With its modern design, this brush never fails me! Fun and easy to use, it's perfect for quick showers and after beach hair! 

3. E-Reader - I take my Kindle Fire everywhere. It also doubles as a tablet. Always have a bunch of stock books loaded for killing time during flights. Currently reading: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling

4. An Actual Book -  For when technology fails. A tangible hardcover book is always great to have on hand. Perfect on the go and for balcony and beach chilln'. Currently reading: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

5. Kiehls Facewash - Small enough to fit in a purse or in your carry on! This wash feels amazing! From the airport to after a hike; this wash will keep you feeling refreshed, moisturized, and luxurious.

6. NARS Lipstick - Always, always NARS. long lasting and rich vivd colors. My regular go-to lipstick, I always make sure I have great colors along with me for touch ups. Also, a little lipstick on a rough day of traveling can go a long way! I also enjoy other brands! One up top is Laura Mercier Creme Lip Colour in Palm Beach

7. EOS Lip Balm - Keep your lips soft and conditioned with these fun balms! I've used EOS lip products for years and love how easily I can spot and grab them in my purse.  

8. Shades - A sleek pair of dark sunglasses will keep you looking chic, block the sun out of your eyes,  and shield you from all the haters!

With these products packed away in your stylish duffle, traveling is a breeze! What will you pack on your next adventure? 

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